All Press is Good Press

by emayhawk

While researching the Gucci Group in order to find any information on the social aspect of the brand, I came across quite a few different answers to the same question. There seems to be a discrepancy on where exactly Gucci products are manufactured. For the most part, it looked like Gucci stayed true to their roots and primarily manufacture their goods (aside from timepieces) in Italy; however, some sources cited the US and Spain as other main manufactures for the luxury brand.

There was an article I found that may have raised a few eyebrows though. PPR, Gucci’s parent company, has had some issues with the international factories that produce their products. Countries who were included on the list of less than good working conditions were in India, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Romania and Pakistan. Reading the list of issues these workers deal with in foreign countries was appalling. For example, in the Philippines workers don’t even get the healthcare, retirement, or housing assistance that they are legally contracted to have. All across the board, these workers are making far less than minimum wage. In India, women, who sew all the garments from their home, make profit based on how many garments they make; however, they barely make 1% back on each piece. Romania’s factory conditions seemed to be the most severe, but corporate stated that unless they have issues with the products when they receive them, they have no use to inspect the conditions of the factory or workers. I feel publicizing this quote will definitely give people a negative image of the brand if no one else from the company releases a statement on the issue.

Amongst all this negatively surrounding the Gucci name, I did find something that promoted the brand in a positive light. Gucci has teamed up with the Tribecca Film Festival to create what is known as the Gucci Tribecca Documentary Fund. The fund sponsors independent filmmakers who make documentaries surrounding current social issues around the world. By winning an award from the fund the filmmakers are funded financially and given opportunities for their work that they probably would not have had without the help of the Gucci Group. They also partnered with PRP Corporation Fund for Women’s Dignity & Rights to spotlight  women filmmakers of documentaries that deal with women’s issues and the challenges that they face today.