A Greener Gucci

by emayhawk

Gucci has tagged along with many other luxury designers in the business who are making a more conscious effort to “go-green”. From becoming more rigid on their packaging standards, to vowing to use less paper the Gucci Group is helping the environment in more ways than one. They recently teamed up with sunglasses producer Safilo to design a line of shades made with bio-based materials, like castor oil seeds. This aids in the sunglasses being more recyclable and bio-degradable in their end use. The process of creating these new style of sunglasses actually eliminates CO2 emissions tremendously. The brand is now FSC certified in their paper standards which makes their paper products 100% recyclable. In addition, their bags, boxes, and tissue paper will no longer contain plastic laminate. They also altered the sate of their garment bags from polyester to cotton. Mimma Vigelzio, Gucci Group’s ECP of Communications quotes,

We hope our actions will also raise awareness inside the fashion industry that it’s possible for our industry to make a difference for rainforests and for the climate.