1920s Revamp

by emayhawk

It is almost ironic when Frida Giannini says she hardly looked back in the archives for inspiration for her Spring 2012 ready-to-wear line. The collection is a beautiful rendition of the 1920s Jazz Age, modernized into the current glam Gucci woman. This year marks the fashion house’s 90th anniversary, from its debut in 1921 by Guccio Gucci. I would say this collection is an homage to the opening of the brand, a part of the mass celebration Gucci is hosting in honor of their almost centennial anniversary. Each piece from the Spring line has some part the Jazz Age influenced into it, whether it be the black smooth velvet or the swinging of the pleats in the low-slung dresses. Garments are detailed with gold lacquered buttons, metallic accents, long sweeping fringe, and heavy beading. These elements combined show the influence Frida Giannini put into creating the collection as she pulled from the historic head-lining women of the era, such as Louise Brooks who Giannini sites as a reference. The colors also reflect on the historic era, keeping in a black and gold theme with only bits of colors popping in throughout. Gold metallics showcase the collection next to the opaque black fabrics. Art deco motifs added to the historic feel. One of my personal favorites from the line includes the number where the pants are intricately displayed with two horse heads on either side of the pant legs. Pieces like these make it feel as if you could find them hidden in a vintage thrift store, yet they still emulate what the modern Gucci woman is. Giannini always manages to incorporate those quintessential Gucci details in every collection, no matter the story behind the line. For example, the cropped tuxedo jackets help modernize the iconic flapper dresses and harem pants. The bold accessories also aid in making the looks feel more current. 

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